Model wooden wheels

There is a variety of model wheels available but limiting in size and materials. The wheels I have found that look nice can be found on my web site here Model Wheels

But as I learn more about doing this blog – I wanted to show the new model wheels that have recently been added to my web page,

3" to 6" model wheels

These can also be ordered in the smaller sizes as found on the web page above. They look very nice, the spokes are placed in the felloes and glued.

If you want to build your own wheels you may want to order the books by Windy Hill the books have traceable patterns and templates for building a variety of wheel sizes. These are for display only. If you want to build wheels for a real vehicle pulled by horses, I have books for that too. You can go to the Vehicle Books pages on my web site and look for the titles Wheels, Wheels, Wagon and More, Wheelwrighting: a Modern Introduction, Wheelmaking and Wheelwright’s Trade. There is also a DVD/video called The Art of Wheelwrighting. I highly recommend you watch that video – before you start buying special shop tools, equipment, spokes, hubs, rims and felloes – you will see what is involved in building a traditional buggy wheel. If you still want to learn how to build wheels – buy all the books and then find someone who is willing to teach you. There is so much to learn – you will want someone to help you before you make a wrong cut on a spoke. I know two people who teach this trade – one has a web site and one does not. So contact me from my web site Wild Horse Books & Art and I’ll be happy to share the information.

If you want larger wheels and don’t want to make them, there are many people who can and do make them. Call or email me and I’ll share that info too.

Kayo Fraser –

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