Fall Girl

There are several books I’d like to add to this blog – the first is this book by Martha Crawford Cantarini.

Fall Girl

Fall Girl is about Martha’s experiences as a stunt woman in the old western movies. Fascinating experiences but it is even more than a memoir it is about her experiences with the horses she trained and used to do the stunts. Horses were willing to do things for Martha that no one else could get them to do.  Martha’s abilities to get her horses to trust her and do anything she asked of them – is inspiring. The price just came down from $35 to $19.99

Read the reviews on amazon.com or go to Horse talk

I can mail it book rate for $4 or priority for $8.

Martha is writing another book about Frosty – a horse she fell in love with that no one else wanted – and turned him into one of the most beautiful and talented horses in the world.

You will fall in love with Martha and this book! I did!

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One Response to Fall Girl

  1. d. says:

    I love that book – now there’s a *real* HORSEWOMAN! It will remain one of my very favorites.

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