New Driving Books & DVDs


Some new books I just added to the web site:


Starting A Team Dave Feltenberger  14 chapters with black and white photos on how to teach horses to lead, back, harness, ground drive and drive a team or single horse. 6″ x 9″ soft cover, 94 pages.




Training for Safety Margaret Beeman & Ona Kiser Training steps to help you achieve the best results as you teach your horse to become a safe driving partner. Color photos and lots of safety tips. 6″ x 9″ soft cover 72 pages.



The Twenty Mule Team of Death Valley, Images of America. Ted Faye, an historian for US Borax tells the story of the 20 Mule teams well know for hauling Borax across Death Valley from 1883 to 1888. The book is filled with wonderful photos of the mules, the wagons, the towns, the drivers and the stories they told. Bibliography included.
128 pages, soft cover.



I also need to add this great DVD on the Waverly Draft Horse Sale in Iowa. They have an auction in the Spring and Fall where we buy many of our own horses and horses for other people. They sell draft horses, cross breeds, light driving horses, ponies, mules and sometimes miniature horses.


Waverly Midwest Horse Sale DVD a Video-Mike Production. If you have never been to this incredible draft horse sale you can see 75 minutes of it on this DVD. If you have been to Waverly you might like to see famous and infamous characters who put on the sale or who have gone to it for many years. A very nice tribute to the best driving horse sale in the country.
$20 DVD – NEW



World Percheron Congress 2010 a Video-Mike Production. An hour and 26 minutes showing 850 head of spectacular Percherons- the largest draft horse show ever. 33 – six horse hitches, line classes, hitch classes, feed team races, sulky plow matches an so much more at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. If this doesn’t give you goose-pimples then you don’t love horses! Here is a short on youtube.
$20 DVD – New


s/h on most of these books and DVDs will be $7 for Priority. Other countries outside of the USA may be more. Email for costs.

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